Thursday, August 6, 2009

Royal Rainbow!

So a good friend of mine just had her birthday last week, and about two months ago, I demanded to do her cake. I really love to bake and figured I could use this opportunity to better my technique, show off some things I learned in my Wilton classes, and maybe enter into that Threadcakes competition. Well, didn't end up doing the Threadcakes, but I did end up with something pretty amazing.

A hint to what it might be?

It was pretty fun getting into the whole long involved baking thing. I haven't really done that for a while (save the Wilton classes) since it's been so busy so far this year. I followed this recipe by Smitten Kitchen. Super delicious and I'd suggest anyone to give it a try.

Here you can see some more fine Wilton methods, though for the edge I got lazy and just used a cut piping bag. Made a quick and dirty border, but the chocolate ganache was absolutely amazing with this cake.

If you don't recognize the face in the middle, well SHAME ON YOU! No, seriously, that's the King of All Cosmos from one of my favorite game series Katamari Damacy. If you have a PS2, a 360 or a PSP, definitely pick up one of the four games in the series, though the best are probably the first two. Anyway, a trademark move of the King (besides speaking in the royal we) would be his ability the Royal Rainbow, in which he'll call back his son (The Prince) and his completed Katamari to be judged. I had a few comments on how I should have added rainbow candy or something similar since I clearly advertised a rainbow but there was just nothing there!

It's almost like a toy surprise inside, isn't it?

I had honestly planned on making her birthday cake because my husband and I were poor as dirt at the time, but since landing my job, we were able to get her a few other little gifts as well, such as a playable Boggle keychain and a gift certificate to our local Korean market. Though, I must say, if this was going to be our only present to her, I think she still would have appreciated the colorful wonders inside.

I also have to say that this is not my own brainchild, but something I heard about from a food subforum and knew I just HAD to try. I didn't realize it would be the perfect opportunity to use it for the party until I was at the store (and good thing, too!)

Oh yeah. I'll do it again.