Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Birthday, Koji!

Today is Koji's 2nd birthday, or at least the date we chose for him. Apparently we're not far off, since the only clues we had for his birthday was his old Dogster page, which lists him as a Taurus, and it does say he's 2 now. I just picked 29 since 9 seems to run in my side of the family (I'm 29, Jeff's 29, my sister is 29, my dad was 19, my niece is 19, my mom is 9...we have a lot of 9s.)

Today we will celebrate with an egg all to himself and a baked sweet potato. Maybe a trip to the dog park while we're at it. Because he's just not smelly enough from the last time we went a few days ago.

Happy birthday, pup pup. I'm sorry about the hat.

...okay, I'm not that sorry.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Stylish Sunday

Moving to midnight shift has taken a toll on doggy outings as well as blogging things. Lots of plans, but with an unorganized mind like mine, sometimes it's hard to put fingers to keyboard. So in the meantime, enjoy Professional Koji.