Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day!

And it's still snowing outside! Koji took a liking to it much better this time around since there was no brutal wind to go along with it.

I wish I could have stayed home and taken him out on his 20' leash and have him run around all day. It seriously looks more like the Rockies than Dallas right now, and I'm loving it, even from the 6th floor of my office building.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Life at Chez Dill

or: Why nothing has happened lately.

Us here at the Dill residence are a bunch of wimps. I grew up in LA where the cold part of the year was watching fireworks off the harbor during 4th of July with that frigid 50 degree breeze blowing off the Pacific. Koji grew up the better part of his life before in San Antonio, where hot and humid is the norm (though not nearly as bad as Houston.) and while fluffier than last August, he still has a rather not fluffy coat when compared to his Shiba pals. Jeff can handle it pretty okay, but he and Koji aren't gone on many long walks in the frigid and damp outdoors lately.

We're in Dallas. I don't think we'd be able to brave anything much further north of us. Especially since the use of our heater last month hiked our electric bill an extra $100!! Ouch...

We braved a dog park over the weekend and met a very nice lady with the sweetest Basenji (which Jeff called the 'corgi inu' since the little African dogs look like a mashup of our favorites.) Jeff sounded like he'd consider one, though I was surprised by how short the little girl's fur was, though thinking on it, it's not like they exactly need to brave harsh winters down on the savannah. But even with the highlight of a Koji sized and attitude matched play mate, we didn't last much more than an hour at best. At least the road directly to the park is finally open, making it actually convenient to go to the nearby complex now.

I wished I had brought my camera with me, but hopefully we'll see her again. When I finally sort through a few of those photos I took at another dog park a few weeks ago with my new Nikon D5000, I'll put them up. Thinking of picking up a book about it at the store, though. Kind of a big deal, seeing I'm not a manual kind of gal, but seeing I have NO IDEA what I'm doing, it might be a first step into something good...