Sunday, June 20, 2010

Key Fob Giveaway Winners!

I really enjoyed reading about everyone's favorite things about summer! Gave me warm fuzzies and ready to hit the summer activities! And what you've been waiting for, the winners (brought to us by!

#14 - Peter and Edgar
#6 - Kimberly and Bella

Please email me at thepaisleyfox at gmail dot com to claim your prize!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Adorable keys!

I have a perpetual need for cute. I love stickers, stuffed animals, pillows, keychains and kitchen gadgets, especially if they are cute. You can see my apartment key in the background there is an adorable little owl I picked up from Borders about a year ago (and the key that I hid up the owl has little pink sparkle hearts. Yeah barf, I know, but I love it.) So when I found this Shiba head key cover by Field Point from an awesome online compnay in Osaka, I jumped at it. They also had other dogs, such as Bostons and Corgis and Chihuahuas, but you know that there was only one that mattered to me. ;)

So after several emails, taking time to try and trust my rusty Japanese, and about a month to convert pay and get addresses straight, this little guy finally found itself in my mailbox. I could not be happier, either. It has upped the cuteness factor of my keychain tenfold, and it's slightly relevant, seeing it's on a spare copy of an apartment key to good friends of ours, who we refer to other friends as "the Shiba friends." (BONUS - they, TOO have a cute key!)

Also, I felt like it would be an awful waste of time and resources to only get one, so I got a whole bunch. But seeing that my husband doesn't like things on his keys (or keychains for that matter), and I only needed the one, I decided that I'd share the cuteness and offer them up!

So, right now, I'm giving away TWO (2) of these Field Point Shiba key covers! Keeping in the recent summer spirit, post a comment that tells what is a favorite aspect of summer for you and/or your dog. For example, I think Koji loves summer because that means I share my watermelon with him.

Two winners will be chosen at random 8pm central on Saturday the 19th!