Friday, March 12, 2010

OMG it's foster time!

Meet Umi!

She's what I think is a Shiba/Shepherd mix and a temporary foster dog for us until she can go to a foster home that can take care of her a little more long term than we can (especially since technically, she's not allowed in our apartment since we never told the office, shhh!)

Umi was our first pull by ourselves for the rescue and our first temporary foster, which has been a bit of a learning experience. One of the first things Jeff and I realized is that while we definitely want more dogs, and we will miss Umi (and I know Koji will carry on a sad song for a while) but we're looking forward to just having the one dog again. Not saying we won't do this again any time soon, or that we didn't like it, but it's nice to know it's temporary. Fostering is pretty cool like that, I guess, since we're able to experience and help different dogs.

Could also have to do with the fact that this little lady is currently in heat, which means she's bleeding randomly in the apartment. Luckily, she's sticking to the floor under the dining room table (as pictured) and Nature's Miracle takes care of any spots in the carpet right quick, but we're looking forward to not having to clean up after her so much. Also, she's a licker, though I'm proud to report she's starting to pick up the word 'stop' and usually moves on her merry way, which is letting me appreciate her more with dry appendages. She also rudely woke me up yesterday from a nap by licking my forehead, which I was not very happy about. Umi just happens to be a much needier and dog-like dog than Koji, which makes me realize how much I like the non-dog-like dogs. Jeff and I will never not have a primitive breed.

But she's sweet in her own way, and I know she will make some family extremely happy, but she's just not the girl for us, which is just fine. We'll give her love and encourragement for as long as she's here.

Some videos!
Koji and Umi
Trying to get Umi to play
Umi Plays!

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