Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So my family came and went and Koji did FANTASTICALLY well. I am so proud of my bubs. <3 It was also a huge change of pace to be around my family again, and people who understand dogs. The girls, not knowing too much about what teasing a dog with toys looked like, had Goose and Koji jump a few times, but instead of blaming the dogs my sister or her husband would explain to them why they did that and how to not tease them next time. Even when Koji thought my 11 month old niece was rocking in a play bow, ran up to her, butt in the air, and barked in her face, everyone laughed and picked Natalie up, who had quite the shock (and would start to fake cry the next few times Koji would walk by) and everything was fine, no harm no foul. SUCH a relief that they knew that dogs were dogs, they won't change who they are and its up to us to act accordingly around them. Koji was so facinated with the girls, too, having so many new interesting smells. He followed me and the youngest around while we were walking together, it's like he couldn't get enough of this tiny walking person, and the oldest (6 years) loved to come over to give him belly rubs and pat him on the head, which I know he loved. For someone who was so afraid of little ones when we got him almost a year ago, he seemed right at home and went right up to all of them to meet them when they first came over. The middle child, Lindsey, is almost 4, and while she was sort of okay around Koji, I think she felt he was a little too high energy for her and kept thinking he was going to steal her food whenever he looked at her, so she seemed to prefer my in-laws' dog, Goose, also probably because that mini schnauzer could really fetch, and that's all she really wanted to do.

The only problem now is that I miss my family terribly as they've all gone back to California.

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