Saturday, January 8, 2011

Should You Breed Your Dog?

This awesome flow chart was found by one of my fellow goons off of I think this pretty much accurately sums up my feelings on the situation.


jen said...

I gave that to my aunt, who has a could-be-maltese (looks like a poodle) and she was looking for a black poodle female to breed him to.

Just cuz.

She hasn't yet found the female, but she won't neuter the maltipoo. Flow chart or not, some people still just don't get it.

-thepaisleyfox said...

Yeah, unfortunately. I'd like to think that even if one person in the 100s of people I might show this to changes their mind, then it's worth keeping around.

But people will make up excuses, think it doesn't apply to them, blame you for x y or z, or any number of things since they take things like this SO PERSONALLY. (Which, heh, sometimes they should, but you know...)

Nicole B. said...

let's not forget the people who think they have the RIGHT (given to them for living in 'mercia) to breed their dog. Once had a lady condemn me for "comparing" her to a puppy mill but gods damn thank god she "lives in a country where if she wanted her dog to be a puppy mill she can". o_O Can't make that shit up.

Anonymous said...