Sunday, January 17, 2010

House Guest

Look at that happy smile!

Haku, a foster for the Texas Shiba Rescue, came to stay with us yesterday while Nicole and Ian were out. This little guy is a little needy as far as attention goes, so the long hours they were out would have been too much for him, so he got to hang out with Jeff, Koji and me.

And what a sweetheart, though his little doggie farts were something less than desirable. But even with that big ol cone head and a recent neuter, Haku tumbled a bit with Koji (with supervision, of course) and they shared toys and bullies and us very well. He falls right asleep in someone's lap and was just a joy to have around. Also made us realize how far we've come with Koji and how much we appreciate what he does. He may not know a bunch of tricks or commands, but the basics he has down like nobody's business, and that was something that Haku will still need to work on, though he looked like he was starting to get it but just didn't care enough. I know the cone is a big obstacle, so I'm sure he'll learn faster once that bad boy is finally off.

Hopefully his forever family is found soon. He'll be a great pet and I hope we'll be able to see him again after he's home.

Koji and Haku Play
Round 2!

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