Friday, May 21, 2010

I love my vacuum.

I really really do, and with the time crunch of working on costumes this past month, I figured I'd share one of the things that has kept my sanity, not only for keeping hair off of our fabrics and props, but everything else throughout the year.

I used to have a little Eureka Optima when I had my first apartment. Good enough to pick up the leftover chip and popcorn crumbs and the occasional hair of mine. When we moved, we noticed it didn't really pick up as much as it used to, and finding the replacement filters for it was a pain.

Then came the dog.

I heard stories about the fur, the blowing coat plus the intermittent shedding throughout the year. What I wasn't prepared for at all was having fur around my things 24/7 again. I mean, I had be without pets for a few years, so I had forgotten how it sticks to everything, especially things you don't want it to, such as your blankets or food. Needless to say, my little Optima just wasn't up to the task of making my carpets Koji free in the slightest, but it didn't leave dust in my carpets at least. With my quest for fur-free burber, I broke down, gathered a coupon or two, scoured sales, then hopped on over to my local electroincs store and purchased my monstrosity, the Dyson DC25 ball. They had all three there, the regular yellow, the Stormtrooper-esque Blueprint, and the purple Animal edition. I opted for the Star Wars-y one, since it was the cheaper of the three at the time (as well as the prettiest.) Why not the Animal if I was getting it for the sole purpose of pet hair? Because the only difference was, besides the price point, a scrubby pet hair hose attachment that didn't seem to make a difference, according to reviews. I had also decided to settle on the 25 rather than the 24 since it was a) bigger and b) had almost TWICE as much suction, and my carpet needed all the help it could get.

Needless to say, I don't regret that almost $500 purchase, even if it did take me a bit to pay off. This baby picks up anything I ask it to and more, it's easy to clean, easy to empty, I never have to buy a filter again, and works on several different floor surfaces. Not to mention it looks down right space-agey and cool.

I mean, just look at what it picked up from my supposedly clean carpet (I had vacuumed with the old one just before, and this is only from my small living room.) That's a full canister of hair and dust my other vacuum had left behind.

So in case I didn't make it clear, I love my vacuum. <3


Prince Zuko's mom said...

LOL! Was that all Koji hair? :-) I have a Dyson too and love it. When we had cats, it was so awesome at picking up the kitty-hair tumbleweeds that would develop on the hardwood floors. Now with Zuko - well, you know how it is.

-thepaisleyfox said...

Yes. Yes it is. Koji hair and dust, but mostly hair. HIS hair. I desperately needed this thing, haha.

Anonymous said...

Hah! I have the same vacuum, and I can fill a canister just about every day with Shiba hair =P

jen said...

we've been through three vacuums since we adopted our first shiba (which is now amongst another shiba and hound mix).

We're onto a bissel pet something or other that does the job credibly, but I can tell its slowing down. No amount of declogging is helping it!

So I'll take your word for it - and we'll probably be getting a eureka in days to come..