Sunday, June 20, 2010

Key Fob Giveaway Winners!

I really enjoyed reading about everyone's favorite things about summer! Gave me warm fuzzies and ready to hit the summer activities! And what you've been waiting for, the winners (brought to us by!

#14 - Peter and Edgar
#6 - Kimberly and Bella

Please email me at thepaisleyfox at gmail dot com to claim your prize!


gina said...

Aw maaaaaaaaaaan :P

News Muz said...

shoot. Oh well- congratz to the winners!

Anonymous said...

Hey Hey. It's Kim and Bella. We e-mailed you on Sunday, but not sure if it went to your spam filter. Let me know. My e-mail is

Edgar the destroyer said...

Well, for the sake of "making sure", I'll follow Kim's route and let you know I also e-mailed but just in case, my e-mail is

Edgar the destroyer said...

Oh, silly me. Scratch that, just checked my email. Thanks, Steph!